Who’s doing the sitting?

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I recently needed to find a new pet sitter for my 5 1/2 year old deaf and blind Great Dane. Caring for a special needs pet often requires some extra care (learn more in our Living With Blind Dogs article). I do everything I can to ensure Keller has a stable and familiar environment. If I have to be away for more than a few hours, I like to have someone he knows stop by to check on him and give him a chance to go outside. If I have to travel overnight, I prefer to have someone stay with him in my home so he remains in comfortable, familiar surroundings. I think it would be very stressful to him to stay in a kennel or pet hotel. Imagine yourself deaf and blind and one day, you find yourself in a completely new environment with no one around that you know. How could I explain that to him?

Keller is fearless but he does have some separation anxiety. We are together all of the time. I take him with me whenever I can and he enjoys himself but, there’s no place like home! I recently had to find a new sitter to stay with him and we began interviewing candidates. I feel it is important to not only find the right, caring person but also someone Keller can bond with.

Meet Faye Meyers, President and CEO of Golden Girls in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Not only is she a dear friend who is active in animal rescue, her company provides in-home services through a network of caring people who can help with all sorts of needs. Faye stopped by the other day to meet Keller and get familiar with his routine. Keller immediately warmed up to her. As you can see, he gave Faye the Great Dane seal of approval by sitting on her lap as we enjoyed a cup of coffee. I think we have a match!

White Great Dane sitting on a woman

Keller approves of his new pet sitter.