The Ravens’ lucky rabbit feet

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Not many people know this, but the Ravens can thank a rabbit named Bunbun for their Superbowl win. You’re probably wondering how a Mini Rex rabbit is directly responsible for this win. In order for this miracle to make sense, I need to tell you about my first encounter with my girlfriend Kelly’s family.

Bunbun under a table

Bunbun sitting under a table

I was invited to their house in Abingdon, MD (A suburb of Baltimore) to watch Superbowl 47. My first impression was that her family is very pet friendly. They have two birds, one pug, and one luck-inducing bunny. We were all having a good time, eating the usual Superbowl fare, when I saw something a bit strange: during the second half of the game, Kelly’s father placed Bunbun on his shoulder where he remained for the rest of the game. When I asked why, her father informed me that the rabbit happened to be sitting there during a post-season game that the Ravens had won, and it was then decided that Bunbun was good luck. Bunbun simply had to watch the second half of every game on Kelly’s father’s shoulder or risk the Ravens’ winning streak. Perhaps the luck has something to do with his feet? Maybe it’s his fluffy fur? His pink eyes? No one can be sure, but this good luck talisman clearly was working, and the Superbowl was obviously no exception.  Bunbun, however, is indifferent to his role in the win and when asked about his involvement with the power outage he simply wiggles his nose.