Romeo’s Cat Saliva Wake up Tactic

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Good morning! This morning I discovered a very useful tool to add to my wake up arsenal:
cat saliva, a.k.a. cat juice.

Do this while standing over your human’s face. It works wonders.

As I was going about my normal meowmeowmeow MEOWmeowmeowmeowmeow MEOW meowmeowing at the staff, I had to stop and take a yawn break.

YAAAAAAAAWN! As I stood over female staff member’s head and yawned, an interesting thing happened. Two big drops of cat saliva fell out of my mouth and right into the staff’s (closed) eye.

That eye opened really fast! And she jumped up and yelled something I cannot type here.

But, BREAKFAST came superfast after that. No matter how mad she is, she still feeds me. Take note, kitties.

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