Romeo’s Balancing Act Wake up Tactic

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No matter what I do, she still loves me.

I always love it when the female staff member is on her side when it’s time for me to begin BREAKFAST proceedings. This offers a test of my skill and agility.

First, I climbed up onto her via her hip. Then, I carefully walked up the side of her, taking great care not to fall off. Wobble. Wobble. This got tricky when I came to where her arm was resting. I had to make my way around her arm and figure out how to lie down.

I finally settled on a less-than-comfortable position on top of her bent elbow, upper arm and shoulder. Wobble. Wobble. Wobble.

Then, knowing I would not be comfortable like this for long, I added in some noise. I meowed the staccato meow no human can ignore. Meah. Meah. Meah. Meah. Wobble. Wobble. Wobble. Meah. Meah. Meah. Wobble. Wobble. Wobble.

BINGO! I was right. She could not stand the wobbling or the meah-ing for long. Soon, BREAKFAST was in my belleh and I was even getting chin scritches.

A successful morning for sure.

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