Pit Bull mom: Gone to the dogs

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At what point do I start to think that my life does totally revolve around dogs? As I work with dogs, obviously dogs are a huge part, but as I was recently looking around my house, I started to notice things that made me realize that dogs play a part in even the smallest details.

Let’s start with my home. So, I have a brown microfiber couch that was picked out because it had washable cushion covers and would be sturdy and hide fur. The floors were re-done a few years back because carpet trapped everything, so, no more carpet. My dining room table is a higher than usual table, so that it would be more difficult for dogs such as foster dogs to get up onto it. Even the comforter on my bed is sewn in a pattern that would make it more difficult for dogs to mess up. And, let’s not forget that I can’t have a refrigerator with the water and ice dispenser, as Gus figured it out and took joy in flooding the kitchen. I also have to have door knobs, as he also figured out how to open doors with handles

On to my back yard. I have a 6’ privacy fence, as anyone with 5 dogs would, but then, because I do foster a lot and sometimes fosters dig, I have rocks around the bottom, so there is no digging under the fence. I have given up on grass, and I am slowly but surely adding more and more patios because concrete is easier to clean and patios look intentional, not just like “this person can’t grow grass, so she might as well put something down”

My home has the seat covers, a bed, a gate so that dogs can’t come up front and I have compartments under the seats where I store extra bowls, water, treats, leashes, harnesses, you name it.

So, yep, I think that my life truly has gone to the dogs… But I wouldn’t have it any other way!