Movies: dog’s best friend


Kibble may be my first love, but TV is my second. If your human roommates don’t leave the TV on for you, whimper until they do. There are all kind of things inside the TV, mostly humans but often there are tennis balls, cats, and sometimes puppies! The TV can bring the whole world to your snout, while you lounge in the warm comfort of the sofa. So curl up with your favorite chew and try one of my favorite films.

Buddy in his natural habitat

Old Yeller – This is a classic movie about a dog and his boy. My human roommates always turn it off before the end but I’m sure everything ends up fine for old Yeller, at least that’s what the people have told me. I give it one paw up.

Milo & Otis – This film is evil cat propaganda! It was clearly made by cats to trick you into thinking they can be your friend. Don’t fall for it. Despite that, it is one of the few movies where the dog gets top billing. I give it two paws up.

Benji – No list of puppy interest films would be complete without this. A real classic of canine cinema, it catapulted its star Higgins (who portrayed the titular character) to international stardom and opened the door for many other struggling four legged thespians. Two paws way up.

Cujo – This film is the story of a mail man who finally gets his comeuppance. Cujo tries to nibble a child which I don’t agree with but what self respecting pup can resist a movie where the mailman gets eaten. I don’t care for the ending too much either 🙁 One paw up.