Maybe we’ll meet on an airplane one day…?

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I spend a lot of time talking about Petfinder to partners, advertisers, the animal welfare community, in fact pretty much to anyone who’ll listen. Certainly, my family know more about Petfinder than they thought possible, and many people who I’ve ended up sitting next to on airplanes have found themselves intimate with pet adoption in a way they might not have been expecting.

couple with small dog on a plane

I’d love to sit next to a couple like this! (photo — Thinkstock)

I’ve been doing this since I joined the business just under two years ago, and I have a pretty good idea about what all kinds of people think about what we do. Almost universally people are appreciative and grateful for our work, and the work of Petfinder members who find and care for the adoptable pets listed on our service. Many of them have adopted a pet through Petfinder themselves or have a friend or family member who has. Some are on the third, fourth, fifth or more adoption of a pet they’ve found on our site (they’re our VIP customers!). Some are rueful that they’re not in a position to adopt a pet themselves, but happy to view, support and advocate for our pets to find homes. That’s in part, why you see so many adoptable pet listings from Petfinder on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest – which we encourage.

But few people know that we find homes for nearly 2 1/2 million pets every year. That we’ve found homes for more than 20 million pets since we started in 1996. And yes, you read that right! Petfinder was started 6 months after Yahoo!, and 2 years before Google! After 16 years, Petfinder has never been bigger, and never been more effective at helping people find homeless pets to adopt and to become responsible pet owners.

And it’s probably not as known that there are 21 people, and more than 40 pets who work at Petfinder – but if you joined any of our weekly team calls you’d hear all of them participate! We think of ourselves as small,  but powerful enough to make a difference in the world.

All of this adds up to quite the responsibility, but when you have an amazing team, a fabulous population of users, and an incredibly dedicated and supportive member network of shelters, rescues and foster organizations, how daunting can that really be. In fact it’s inspiring. It’s inspired us to start to build a bigger and better future for Petfinder and all our adoptable pets. We started with a better site for our users, new mobile apps (iOS and Android) and mobile website, and better site performance, but there is a lot more to come.

I and everyone at Petfinder loves what we do and the people and pets we serve, and we will continue to do the best job we possibly can.  Maybe the next time you’re on an airplane, we can talk some more about it!