Here’s What You Said: Do you believe in luck?

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Someone who sends us a happy tail often describes her or his good luck in finding the perfect pet, one in more than 340,000 (the number listed at any given time on Petfinder). “It was meant to be,” people write. That started us wondering if you believe in luck, and if so, whether you think luck influenced finding your special pet. Our survey revealed that 60% of you do believe in luck, and of those, 53% say that luck played a role in finding your pet.

Do you believe in luck?Here are some of the comments made by those of you who say you believe in luck “very much.”

Terri has four cats and three dogs. She says, “My pets have brought me the luck of meeting people that share the same passion for animals that I do, which has blessed me with having the greatest friends, along with my pets having great friends, too.”

Barbara has one kitten and two dogs, one of which she says is alleged to be a four-month-old Black Labrador Retriever mix, but may be part devil or shredding machine with an affinity for lottery tickets. “I do believe in luck,” she says, “but I really believe more in my ‘Angels’ directing me to find the people and animals in my life that I am supposed to meet and love. Still waiting for that second husband ….”

Donna has two cats. “They make my day and give me reason to get out of bed and to want to be alive. It might sound dumb, but when you’re ill and depressed, it is a big thing to have a furry love.”

Maia, who has six dogs, a lovebird and two horses, says, “I think they make me happy — and that is the same as having good luck!”

Lucky, an adoptable Guinea Pig

Lucky is available to adopt at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison, NJ.

Helen, who has a dog and a cat, says, “I found my cat on a ‘random’ search for Maine Coons or mixes, on Petfinder. I drove 110 miles to meet him and adopted him on the spot. That was my (and his) lucky day, and his love and devotion have brought good things to my life ever since. He once found and dragged out a ‘lost’ expensive phone case from under my desk and saved me from having to buy a new one ….”

Leslie, who has two dogs and two cats, says, “Our pets love us all the time, and make us very happy. They know just what we are feeling and act on those feelings. When you feel alone, they come and just push themselves on you and make you want more of them.”

Stacy, who has a dog, two cats and six birds, says, “Our pets are a blessing. They come into our lives when we least expect it, without our searching for them. They take me to places I would not have gone if not for them …. I meet people whom I would not have met …. These things in turn, shape my life into what it is. All because of my love for our pets.”

Jackie, whose Japanese Chin recently died, but who still has a kitty named Sweet Pea, says, “They make us slow down and take a good look at nature. When we do that, we find we’re very lucky to see all sorts of miracles, from funny dog and cat antics, squirrels acting silly and beautiful birds, butterflies, bees and dragonflies going about their business. We’re very lucky for our animals because they add so much life and beauty to our lives!”

Peggy has six cats and a red Border Collie named Chester who talks to the TV “in growls and cries. His favorite show is Bonanza, because he loves the horses.” She says, “I think it took luck … for us to find them. I believe that luck is attracted to us because our attitudes have changed for the better due to the joy [our pets] bring us.”

Lauren, who has three dogs — Boomer and Mac, both Labs, and Buddy the Beagle  — says, “It’s karma. You rescue a dog, save a life and karma is good to you later!”

Call it anything you will, it’s obvious that our pets enrich our lives in many ways — and what better way to express it than to say we’re lucky to have them.