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Happy Tail: Two shy souls are a perfect match


Ashley Meagher began looking on Petfinder for a dog while she was in her last semester of college in 2008. She inquired about some of them and also shot emails to her parents, expressing her need for a pooch.

Ziggy, an Old English Sheepdog

Read Ziggy’s story in Ashley’s words.

“Finally my parents gave in and actually joined in on the search,” she says. It took her about four months to find the perfect match, but the magic happened when her mother sent her an email with a photo of a three-month-old pup named Nora.

“She looked so sad in her kennel and I knew we needed to rescue her,” Ashley says. The puppy’s mom was a stray dog that had wandered into a woman’s yard and then given birth. The woman took the whole family to the shelter because she couldn’t care for them.

Ashley’s parents, who live in Huntsville, AL, drove to The Humane Society of Lincoln County in Fayetteville, TN, to adopt Nora, who looks to be an Old English Sheepdog mix. She was very shy, and the people at the humane society had to disassemble the dog house the pups were in to get her out.

Nora was re-named Ziggy and was waiting for Ashley when she graduated.

“A once shy puppy now helps her shy owner be more outgoing,” Ashley says. “Some days I wonder who rescued who.”

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