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Happy Tail: This little piggy is home at last


Someone had let Skunk loose in a park to fend for himself. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan found him before he starved. By the time the Guinea Pig reached The Critter Coral, he was malnourished and was suffering from an upper respiratory infection.

Skunk, the guinea pig

Read Skunk’s story in Donna’s words.

The Critter Corral, located in Steger, IL, started restoring his health and then posted his listing on Petfinder.

Skunk is a special needs pet and requires medicine each day. That didn’t keep Donna Searcy of Romeoville, IL, from adopting him. “Special needs are my favorite kind of pet,” she says. “I think it is so very sad when an animal is destroyed because of a problem that might make them unadoptable.”

Guinea pigs are funny little critters, and Skunk is no exception. “He wheeks with anticipation when he hears the cellophane package of the Romaine lettuce,” his “mom” says. “Then he hides into his hide-a-way like any self-respecting guinea pig would do when Mom tries to pick him up.”

This little piggy cried, “Wheek, wheek, wheek,” all the way home.

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