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Happy Tail: Mango is a sweet treat for the whole family


Dorothy Salmon and her husband had a crabby cat named Bingo. He loved them, and they loved him very much. The only problem was he hated kids. Needless to say, that caused some stressful moments when their grandchildren came over.

Mango the cat

Read Mango’s story in Dorothy’s words.

When Bingo died, the couple decided they were going to find a female cat that would love them and the kids, one that had been socialized with other cats and children.

They looked on Petfinder at Whiskers, Tails and Ferals, located in Napa, CA, where they themselves live. One of the group’s listed cats attracted their attention in particular, and when they met her in person, Dorothy says, “she was in a cage with two other male cats, grooming them as their caretaker. We figured she was a good bet for liking kids.” That looked like a good sign.

Another positive sign was that the volunteer who had been taking care of her had tears in her eyes when the Salmons went to pick her up.

The signs were correct: Mango has been a joy. She loves all their grandchildren “and runs down the stairs to greet them when she hears their voices,” Dorothy says.
Mango is a sweet treat for the whole family.

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