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Happy Tail: Lily the guinea pig lives large


“My Nana gave me my first pet ever for my 6th birthday, a guinea pig named Harry. I’ve been hooked on the little, furry fuzzballs ever since,” says Natalie Truman of Manhattan, KS.

Lily the guinea pig

Read Lily’s story in Natalie’s words.

During her senior year in college, she moved into a pet-friendly apartment and knew she needed a guinea pig to make it seem like home.

“Instead of looking at the local pet stores, I decided to begin my search on Petfinder,” she says. “Much to my surprise, there were quite a few guinea pigs up for adoption in the Manhattan area.” She found Lily listed by T. Russell Reitz Regional Animal Shelter.

It took Lily awhile to adjust, but now, “six months later,” Natalie says, “Lily is living large! She is full of personality and spunk. She is not afraid to wake me up in the morning with her loud ‘eeking’ letting me know that she is ready for her morning carrot.”

When Natalie says Lily is adventuresome, she means it. During winter break at Natalie’s home, the guinea pig perched atop Natalie’s horse for a photo-op and spent time “chasing the dog off his dog bed while running around in the kitchen,” under Natalie’s watchful eye, of course.

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