Gallery: Saturday dog smiles — adopt one today!

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1. Chuckling Charlie

Charlie’s smile is contagious and just oh-so-sweet! He’s already won the hearts of the Picasso Veterinary Fund staff, I bet he can win yours too. Read Charlie’s profile>

2. Wiggly-Butt Chilichon

According to his profile, “Chilichon is the happiest boy you’ll ever meet, so friendly and smiley and wiggly waggy!” Well, wiggly-waggly fuzzy butts are perfect for Saturday mornings, don’t you think? Read Chilichon’s profile>

3. Matilda's Magic

Can you resist Matilda’s charms? I think not! Described as a “playful, larger-than-life bull-lady,” all you have to do is look into her eyes and you’ll know you’re hers. Read Matilda’s profile>

4. Lovely, Laughing Lena

According to Lena’s description, she’ll keep you “laughing with her humorous personality and her affectionate lap time proclivities.” And how could she not? That little prance is enough to keep anyone in stitches. Read Lena’s profile>

5. Ahh... Ariel

Ariel’s lovely smile and beautiful eyes will draw you in, but her sweet disposition is what will get you in the end. Read Ariel’s profile>