Does Vito the cat have star quality?

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“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” opens on Broadway this week. Although it has a promising cast, I predict the one to watch is the cat. If you remember the Audrey Hepburn movie, you may remember the cat without a name. He (or she) is a key element because it’s pretty much a metaphor for the life of the main character, Holly Golightly.

Major Dijon adoptable cat

Major Dijon is adoptable at Feline Rescue and Rehome in Little Rock, AR.

As Stephanie Clifford writes in the New York Times, “Holly explains that it is nameless because it doesn’t belong to anyone” and that “they are both independents who never made each other any promises.” During the play, the cat has to be passed from one actor to another, and then “Holly tosses the cat onto a city street, at which point in the play, the cat must run into the wings.”

The story development is annoying to cat lovers — that tossing the cat out to fend for him or herself is reprehensible. It makes you not like Holly Golightly one bit.  But I’m not going to take issue with that here.  No, here I’m talking about a play and actors and prima donnas (a category a cat surely falls into), and using the word “must” in a sentence with “cat” sounds like trouble to me.

Babette Corellis of Dawn Animal Agency landed the job of training the cat for the play and uses verbal and hand signals and clicker training. Two cats, Montie and Vito, were in the running, but at the last minute Montie muffed it and Vito, a ginger-colored cat got the part. Time will tell if he has star quality.