Why my recycling didn’t go out today

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Whenever my boyfriend or I say we’ll do something around the apartment, and then don’t, we text the other so that there aren’t any surprises. This avoids either one of us being frustrated when we get home and see that there are dishes in the sink or trash that hasn’t been taken out. It also avoids wondering “Wait, I thought he was going to take care of this? Was I still half-asleep and I said I’d do it?” I highly recommend this habit.

Most texts have variations of “things got busy,” “I need to head into work early” or “I got caught up reading and lost track of time” (that last one is usually the reason I haven’t done something). Some reasons are more entertaining.

Gray cat in a box

Toby obviously felt that the box should stay in the apartment.

Today, while I was at lunch, I received a text from my boyfriend with the above picture and a note stating: “Did not take recycling out.”

I suspect my laughter startled my lunch partners.

Tell me: Do you think Toby’s seating choice was a good reason for my boyfriend to not take out the recycling?