This Oscar purse was the next best thing

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The red carpet was definitely star-studded on the evening of Sunday, February 24th as this year’s Oscar nominees made their way into the theater. Grasping the attention of many, however, was this year’s smallest nominee! Quvenzhané Wallis, the youngest Best Actress nominee in Oscar history, walked the red carpet with her signature puppy purse swinging from her arm!

Quvenzhané adores her puppy. Adopt Wesley, and see why!

Quvenzhané, accompanied by her mother and sister, spoke to Ryan Seacrest about her puppy purse. What better accessory to sport at such an event than a unique purse like Quvenzhané’s? Named after her beloved puppy at home, the puppy purse adds a unique touch to little Quvenzhané’s elegant red carpet appearance.

Maybe you can’t take your pet everywhere — at least not onto the red carpet — but having an accessory that looks like your adorable pup or cat is not such a bad alternative! Quvenzhané may be starting a new trend!

Check out her interview with Ryan Seacrest to hear what Quvenzhané has to say!