The Filming of Puppy Bowl IX

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Some days, I just love my job. November 12, 2012 was one of those days. It was the long-awaited filming of Puppy Bowl IX, set to air Sunday, February 3rd on Animal Planet. I was privileged to spend an entire day working with dozens of puppies. They were all breeds, both mixed and pure. There were giant breed puppies who towered over the teacup breeds. Every color puppy you can imagine was in the green room. And best of all, each and every one was either adopted, or adoptable. The puppies had just two jobs to do: sit still for a headshot (not so easy) and get in the field to PLAY (very easy!).

The television makes it look simple, but filming this many puppies is no easy job!

Once on the field, the puppies happily became Puppy Bowl stars while their handlers watched from the green room. Every time a touchdown was made, the whole room yelled and clapped with enthusiasm. And when the ref had to step in, most people were happy to announce “that one’s not mine!”.

Some of the puppies took the tackling a little too seriously and needed have a talk with the ref.

By the end of the day, we were surrounded by exhausted puppies, all piled on top of each other sleeping.


sleeping puppy

This player preferred to sleep by herself!

Thank you so much to all of the Petfinder members who brought the puppies, making it possible to once again have 100% rescued puppies featured on Puppy Bowl.