Romeo’s Two Paw Press Wake up Tactic

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Today I used what I like to call the “Two-Paw-Press.”

Gotta keep these paws primed.

This maneuver is not needed unless other attempts fail to get the female staff out of bed which, today, they did.

First, I got close to the staff member’s ear and meowed and meowed and meowed. Nothing. I waited for a minute. Then I tried again. Meowmeowmeow. I tried a silent meow, thinking maybe her brain waves would pick up on my inaudible to human ears meow. Nope.

Finally I escalated to my next move. I put both paws on the female staff member’s forehead for leverage and essentially leap-frogged my way over her head to the other side of the pillow.

There, I continued my meowing in the other ear, although after the jump move she was already awake and either in shock or mad enough to make me wait a few more minutes before she got up.

Either way, BREAKFAST was served! BOOYAH!