Romeo’s Hand-y Wake up Tactic

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I always believe if a human body part is exposed, it’s fair game for a cat’s wake up use.


It’s a hand just waiting for a rumble.

Actually, that’s not true. Even if it is covered up, it’s still fair game. But if it’s the only part of the body not covered up? Seriously, it’s a no-brainer.

Take this morning, for example. The male staff member was completely covered up with blankets…except for his pink fleshy hand jutting out of the covers. Even his head was mostly covered. What would you expect me to do? Would you ask the early bird not to grab the worm poking his head out of the ground? Of course not.

So, I ignored my normal source of BREAKFAST….the female staff…and focused on my easy prey.

I crouched. Then, I pounced on that hand. I grabbed it with two paws and wrestled it. And it wrestled back. You’re on, buddy.

We spent a few minutes tumbling around like that and then the hand tried to go back under the covers. So I followed it, grabbing at it with my teeth and meowing and meowing and meowing.

The owner of the hand sighed very heavily, threw off the covers and heaved (the entire body) out of bed.