Romeo’s Hairball Yak Wake up Attack

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As I emphasize again and again, the key to effective wake up strategy is to use existing tools and circumstances to your advantage.

Do you see this floof? Hairballs happen, dude.

Today’s wake up was quite simple. Around 5 a.m., I began Phase One of Hairball Yak Wake up. This consists of loud hacking while still sitting on the staff’s pillow but does not result in the actual hairball. That happens in Phase Two.

Then, as I always do, I jumped to the floor for Hairball Yak Phase Two, in which I create a mess on the floor…right next to the female staff’s side of the bed.

Now, although the female staff is often slow and incompetent, she can learn new things. And she has learned that a bedside hairball mess is a hazard. She will always, always step right in the middle of it when she gets up for the day unless she cleans it up right away.

I watched as she lay there, contemplating, wondering if she absolutely had to get up and clean up the mess at that moment or if she would somehow a) miraculously recall it was there when it was actually time to get up and then b) remember to step over it.

In the end, she didn’t trust herself. She hauled herself out of bed (to her credit, she did not step in the mess) and went to get some tissues.

Then, she was up. And BREAKFAST was just moments away!

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