Puppy Bowl Party Game!

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You have your nachos for yourself, your root beer in a spill-proof cup and pet treats by your side. You’re all set for the big game!You have a busy day of cheering ahead of you and want to be sure you balance the action on the television with the exercise and stimulation your pet needs. Although your pet will likely enjoy watching the puppies, kittens, hedgehogs and other animals on screen, your pet could likely use some extra exercise and stimulation from you.

We’re here to help.

Gray cat sleeping

Toby is resting up for the Puppy Bowl IX Activity Game!

Puppy Bowl IX Pet Activity Game

Directions: When an action occurs onscreen, check to see what trick or activity you and your pet need to accomplish. Be sure to have plenty of water in glasses for yourself and bowls for your pets available. You’ll also need some treats for rewards, some toys to toss, and a little bit of space. Feel free to modify for your pet’s abilities and preferences. My cat loves to high five, but isn’t great at roll over so we might just do an extra high five!

The Game:

  • Puppy Touchdown
    • Ask your pet to high five or shake paws
  • Puppy drinks from the water bowl
    • Ask your pet to sit
  • A pet lays down on the field
    • Ask your pet to lie down
  • Meep the bird or Petfinderretweets you or responds to your tweet
    • Ask your pet to do a pet pushup (sit, down, sit)
  • Unnecessary rrr-roughness is called
    • Run around your couch or the length of your viewing room
  • A pup licks the ref
    • Give your pet a snuggle
  • The blimp shows exciting action
    • Throw a toy for your pet to fetch
  • A puppy jumps or falls over another puppy
    • Ask your pet to roll over (or move his nose toward his tail if he can’t roll over)
  • A puppy steals a toy from another puppy
    • Ask your pet to speak
  • The hedgehogs are shown cheering
    • Ask your pet to sit and raise his front paws in the air!