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An indoor-only cat pops the screen out of a window


Here’s another great found-pet reunion story from our partner, HomeAgain! You can help lost pets get home again: Sign up to receive lost pet alerts when a dog or cat goes missing in your area.


Lilly was an indoor-only cat but popped the screen out of a window.

Lilly popped the window screen out – from Susan in Fayetteville, AR
Lilly is an indoor cat. Because the weather has been so nice lately I had a window open for her. She must have spotted something outside because she popped the window screen out. I didn’t know this right away but my heart sank when I saw the screen-less window.

I posted to HomeAgain and created flyers. It was late in the day and getting dark, but I went around to all of my neighborhood houses and left flyers. At a little past ten in the evening one of my neighbors called to say she came home, saw my flyer in her door and showed it to her husband. He said he’d seen my lost kitty in their garage. My neighbor was calling to tell me they would leave their garage door open in case she came back and they’d keep an eye out for her.

I decided to go out and take another look around since the phone call made me feel better.

There she was! Right outside my back door and happy as a lark.

I’ve learned a valuable lesson — no more open windows, even if the screens seem tight fitting. I recommend using flyers with your neighbors and not just posting them on the lampposts. Without that friendly call to give me hope, I would not have looked again for a few more hours and that would have been a few more hours that Lilly could have been harmed.

I called my neighbor back to let her know the cat was home and to thank her for giving me that little bit of hope that kept me moving this evening. I know I will be just as vigilant for others if the opportunity arises.


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