Is it now Cat vs. Scottie Dog?


Whenever I play Monopoly I’ve always grabbed the Scottie Dog. This caused a slight issue when I played with my boyfriend’s dad since apparently, he also always plays with the Scottie Dog. My boyfriend suggested that since I was the guest I should get the dog. He’s a smart man.

black and white cat

I think the game would be even better with adoptable Monopoly the cat at your side.

Well, now I’ll have to look at whether a Monopoly game is new or vintage before picking my piece since, according to The Today Show, the new versions will have a cat as a token! The cat replaces the iron which means that no longer will young children pretend to iron the other pieces into bankruptcy (or perhaps my childhood friends were the only ones who did that in the first place). Instead it’ll be a heated match between the Scottie Dog and the Cat.

I haven’t heard what type of cat the new token is, although he looks like he might be a smooth short haired breed since there doesn’t seem to be any fur detailing on the piece.

Maybe the piece I pick will be determined by my opponents. If they’re dog people, I’ll take the cat. If they’re cat people, I’ll take the dog. Just so long as I’m close enough to the banker to forge some good side deals so two of can run the board…

Tell us: What token will you be choosing?