Here’s What You Said: Pets get pets on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day! A day for celebrating the loves in our lives. Our January survey asked if and how you celebrate the red-letter day with your beloved pets. About 75% of you say you make a point of spending extra time with your pets not only on Valentine’s Day but on all the special days of the year. We celebrate you for that!

cat on couch

Extra attention and treats make Valentine’s Day special for many pets.

Vicki says, “Pets are the center of my life, and I do my very best to acknowledge each of them in a special way daily, usually with walks, treats and attention.”

A healthy 33% of you love the hearts-and-flowers holiday and go all out, preparing special goodies, treats and special Valentine baskets for your furry and feathery friends, and over half take time for extra cuddles that day.

A mere 6% don’t like Valentine’s Day at all. Because it is one of my favorite holidays, I can merely say, “Harumph!” to that.

A few of you share your Valentine’s Day with your pet and your human beloved. To the survey’s question about what you do to celebrate, Kathy says they go to the “Bark Park — good laughs, lots of fun for all, and exercise, and to end it all — tired and happy baby dogs.” In response to why she celebrates in this way, she continues, “Because my pooches are my babies. They love me unconditionally and this is my way of saying thanks and loving them back.”

Ellie says, “I don’t even take my human beloved on a date. We snuggle on the couch and watch TV — with our pets piling on!’

As for what would be your ideal celebration of pets for Valentine’s Day? Here are some of your answers:

Judi: I would bring a dozen dogs from the humane society and let them all play together. Then I would try to find each of them a forever home.

Charla: Buy them all Valentine’s Day outfits and get a photo with them. Valentine’s day is close to my birthday, so I like to celebrate all week.

Kathy: A day at the spa — for both me and the pooches — all around pampering and gourmet treats included.

Lynn: Have my backyard fenced in and have all homeless animals come live with me and have all kind of treats and stuffed animals to play with.

Donna: Close down all the feral cat colonies in my area that I help feed and get all of the cats wonderful homes!

Judi T.: A big party with lots of goodies for them all with lots of love.

Several of our respondents mentioned that Valentine’s Day is too commercial, so they may want to mirror Donna and Ellie, who make a Valentine’s donation to their local shelter or rescue group. Now that’s a wonderful expression of love.  And that is what Valentine’s Day should be all about.

For next month, take our survey about luck!