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Happy Tail: Rabbits make warren peace


Peggy Hanson and her husband, who live in Seattle, had four bunnies that got along with each other very well. A co-worker also had a rabbit, but didn’t have time to play with her, so she asked if Peggy would take her in.

Snowy and Everest

Read about Everest (on the right) in Peggy’s own words.

What’s one more? Peggy thought, so she agreed to add Snowy to her colony, or warren (in the sense of community, not underground burrows). Rabbits can be finicky about their friends, and “despite our best efforts to introduce her properly,” Peggy says, “the girl rabbits started fighting with her and especially with each other.” Peace was in short supply in the Hanson rabbit colony.

What’s one more? Peggy asked herself again when she came up with a solution: adopt yet another rabbit so Snowy would have her own pal.

A friend mentioned a rabbit named Everest that she’d seen on Petfinder, so Peggy took a look. Everest was “an adorable rabbit with helicopter ears just like Snowy,” a neutered male who had been rescued and raised at Special Bunny, located in Carnation, WA, since infancy. Peggy praises the shelter and one can see why. When she applied to adopt him and explained the situation, the rescue offered to bond Everest with Snowy. Now that’s good service.

Fortunately, the two rabbits took to each other immediately, so the adoption was finalized.

“They are crazy about each other, head butting, grooming each other, romping about our secure backyard with the dogs, and hanging out with us and sharing treats,” Peggy says. “In the photo, they have just kicked all of their hay out of the litter box so they can zoom around and kick up their heels, chase each other, eating hay on occasion when they want a snack.”  Peace reigned in the warren again.

February is Adopt-A-Rescued-Rabbit Month, a good time to learn more about rabbits as pets.

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