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Happy Tail: A superhero rescues a broken bunny


February is Adopt-A-Rescued-Rabbit Month, and adoption is just what Ellie Goodman had in mind when she searched for rabbits on Petfinder. She wanted a friend for her rabbit, Nyx, and saw Penelope listed on Petfinder by MSPCA at Nevins Farm in Methuen, MA. Penelope looked as if she would be the perfect companion.

Penelope's adoption story

Read the story in Ellie’s own words.

But Nyx said nix to Penelope, or at least he acted that way.

“When I brought her home, they hated each other, and she wanted nothing to do with me,” Ellie says. “I could see she was a broken bun who needed patience and love.”

Ellie began doing everything possible to gain Penelope’s trust, including spending lots of quiet time with her, sometimes taking her for rides in the car, other times just sitting with her on the floor. Gradually Penelope decided that Ellie – and Nyx – were all right.

Today, Penelope is a different rabbit. She is trusting and loving. “She loves food, going to the park, car rides, walks, fleece blankets, and food!!” Ellie says. Best of all, the two rabbits have become good friends. Ellie is a superhero in our book because she didn’t give up; she was patient and persistent with Penelope and has the qualities pet parents need to forge a family.

For more about rabbits, visit the Petfinder rabbit care center.

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