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Happy Tail: A Cocker mix tops her mom’s list


Some people look and look on Petfinder for their perfect pooch — the one who gazes out from the computer screen and figuratively says, “I’m the one for you!” So how lucky was it that Cini, a Cocker mix, was at the top of the list when Melissa Barthold, now of Brandon, MS, did her first search on Petfinder? It was literally love at first sight. “She just looked … happy — she had the nicest smile, ” Melissa says.

Cini, a Cocker mix

Read Cini’s story in Melissa’s words.

Melissa lived in Florida at the time, and Fairy Tails, the group that had listed Cini, was just 10 miles away from where Melissa lived. Best of all, when Melissa called, Cini was still available to adopt, so Melissa went to meet her.

Melissa says what a great dog Cini is — about how pretty she is and what a sweetheart. And smart, too. “She has learned to shake paws in addition to all the usual stuff we teach dogs. When I need to brush her, she will hop up on the second step on the stairs so I don’t have to bend over so far.”

The Bartholds have two other rescue dogs — and they form a perfect pack. But “Cini is really my dog,” Melissa says.

She is still at the top of her mom’s list.

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