Adopt your own Puppy Bowl star!

Today you’ll watch top athletes tackle, dash, fumble and even drink from the water bowl. From Sara’s post about the kitten halftime show and Sharon’s post about the puppies you already know that all of the puppies and kittens were available for adoption from Petfinder member shelters and rescue groups when they were filmed. All of the kittens were adopted shortly after filming and many of the puppies have gone to new homes, as well. However, two of the puppies are still available! Click on their photos below to find out their current status and read their Petfinder profiles!

First there’s Sacha who seemed super playful to me on the day of filming.

Sacha the Pit Bull puppy

Sacha showed great spirit at the filming!

I remember petting Tyson and melting at his sweet eyes.


Tyson was terrific!


Remember, even if you can’t adopt a pet who has been on television, you can adopt a star of your very own. My Toby never appeared in a kitten halftime show, but he’s absolutely a star in my book. We have more than 300,000 pets on Petfinder looking for homes — one for anyone in your life who wants to find their perfect pet. Search for your own, or introduce a friend to the joys of pet adoption.