Two Golden Globe winners really shine


Congratulations to Lena Dunham for bringing home the gold — a Golden Globe, that is. She received the award for best actress in a comedy series (“Girls,” HBO). We blogged about her adoption of Lamby just last week.

Adoptable Corgi mix

This Corgi mix is at Corgi Connection of Kansas, waiting for a home.

Out of curiosity, we nosed around and found that many of the winners have dogs, but only sniffed out one who, for sure, adopted a rescue dog. And the winner is … Jessica Chastain, who won a Golden Globe for her role in “Zero Dark Thirty.” She’s obviously a firm believer in pet adoption. In addition to a three-legged pooch named Chaplin, according to the U.K.’s Daily Mail, she also has two other adopted rescue pets: Radley, a Corgi mix, and Roman, a Chihuahua mix.

We love to see pet adoption trending with celebrities. Star power can really bring attention to the plight of homeless pets. The next time you write a fan letter, check if the star adopted his or her pet, then either congratulate or urge the next pet to come from a Petfinder shelter!