The top 10 adoptable pet memes of 2012!

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If you’ve liked us on Facebook, you’ve likely seen the adoptable pet memes we make. Typically we take a picture of an adoptable pet from a member shelter or rescue group, add a cute caption and a link to the pet’s detail page, and then post the image to Facebook with another link to the pet’s detail page. They make us go aww and give us a good chuckle, which is extremely important from our point of view, but there’s another even more awesome effect of these photos than just some lighthearted fun. Every time you share an adoptable pet meme, you’re not only promoting that specific pet or the specific message in that image, but you’re showing people how many ridiculously cute and awesome pets are looking for homes! You’re demonstrating to all of your Facebook friends that adorable, funny pets of all types are available at shelters and rescue groups. That’s pretty powerful!

Here are the ten adoptable pet memes who garnered the most Facebook likes! Want to see the charming runner up photos? Look through our Facebook photos, then let us know if there’s a favorite of yours who was left off the list!Let us know which ones you love, then like us on Facebook to make sure your preferences are heard when we wrap up 2013!

Hobbs, the smart shopper cat, was liked 1,424 times!

Sweet Sadie was liked 1,466 times!

Oliver was liked 1,580 times after being posted back in August!

Radar reached 1,671 likes!

These adorable salad-loving bunnies reached 1,818 likes!

CoCo and her buddy reached 2,082 likes!

Aleece, a one-eyed cat we featured during Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week was liked 2,200 times!

Donkey kicked off that week with 2,591 likes!

Hershey reached 2,832 likes for promoting National Pit Bull Awareness Day!

This pup with a Black Friday message received the most likes of any adoptable pet meme in 2012 with 4,093 likes!