The season for hiking in NJ is almost over

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My dog Bingo and I love to hike. We hike every morning, and every afternoon (weather permitting, of course). But now that we are entering the snowy months, I am sad that we will be restricted solely to the salty roadways and indoor learning stimulation. So before the snow hits us and Bingo has 5 more tricks up his sleeve, I am planning to get more hiking than usual in. Bingo knows where we are going when we leave for the short drive to the trail head, and as you can see he anticipates the moment when he is able to start running and sniffing.

Bingo is anticipating the moment we can begin the long hike up to the bluffs.

We are lucky to live in a very rural area of NJ, so we have many trails accessible to us within a short distance. We meet a lot of other dogs (mostly rescued, I am always thrilled to hear) and avid hikers. When we reach the top of this particular trail, we go the overlook and take it all in. Coming to the end of the season really makes me appreciate all that we are able to do outdoors 10 months out of the year. It also makes me especially appreciative of my number one hiking buddy, whom I love dearly. So get out there and hike with your dog. If you’re anything like us, you’ll both be so pleased that you did!

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How long do I have to sit still for this picture??

Bingo loves overlooking the bluffs.