Sometimes it’s nice to make your sister jealous

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My sister Laura gets to travel the world as part of her job. She goes to far off and exotic locales where she eats delicious food and sees incredible sights. Suffice it to say, I never expected to have any sort of a job where she envied me for anything.

I forgot about the puppies.

Elias the Pit Bull

Elias’s expression shows how I felt keeping Puppy Bowl secrets from my sister.

See, Laura loves dogs. Whenever she throws a party, well-behaved dogs are invited with their people. When friends go out of town, she volunteers to dog sit if she’s in the country. I’ve seen my brother-in-law jokingly pick her up when she melts too long at the sight of adorable adoptable dogs hanging out for an adoption event. When she was out of the country for Puppy Bowl last year, her husband didn’t record the Super Bowl. He did record the entirety of the Puppy Bowl for her to watch as soon as she returned to the United States.

My sister was out of the country when I found out I would be attending the filming of Puppy Bowl as part of my work with Petfinder. When I told my brother-in-law, his response was, “Don’t tell Laura unless you can bring her along. Seriously. She’ll be jealous.” I laughed, thinking he was joking. “No, really, I’m dead serious.”

I wasn’t trying to make my sister jealous, but when she got back into the country, how could I not share the incredibly exciting news that I’d be attending Puppy Bowl? I may stare at adorable pictures of puppies and kittens every day, but I’m definitely not immune to the excitement of two days of adorable baby animals.

Her first response? She was a little jealous. Super excited for me because she’s a great big sister, but still a little bit jealous that she wouldn’t be surrounded by cuddling, playing puppies with tiny barks and ridiculous pouncing abilities. I promised to show her the pictures as soon as the embargo lifted.

It’s been really hard to not share details with her and instead sit on my adorable behind-the-scenes pictures of puppies, kittens and hedgehogs. The good news? On Friday the wait is over, she (and you!) get to see our behind the scenes pictures, insights and stories. We hope you enjoy.