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Romeo’s Pile of Fun Wake up Tactic


Poor staff. She was so tired last night that she left a pile of clean laundry on the floor. What was she thinking?

Just a cat and his laundry pile.

What do I care? Clean laundry is my favorite thing to play in EVER. It’s actually my favorite thing to sleep in as well. So, after I spent the night nestled among boxer shorts and soft cotton t-shirts, I got up, went to the litter box, got a drink of water and started play time.

Bat. Bat. Pivot. Bat. REOOOOOOWWWR. Launched out of the laundry pile, skidded on the way, due to slippery pair of panties under my feet, and ran into the hall. REOWWWWWWWR. Stampeded back in, slid again in the middle of the laundry and…..right into the dresser. Thump! Ow.

I looked up and two human sleepyheads were staring down at me from the bed. Worried female staff said, “Romeo? You okay?”

Mew…Not really. But I’ll be better if you get my BREAKFAST like, right now!

So she did. And I was. What a lovely start to the day!

Want more Romeo wake up tactics? Visit my blog for all kinds of ways cats wake up their people!

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