Romeo’s Foiled Wake up Tactic

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Talk about staff insubordination!

Am not happy when tables are turned.

This morning, I started out my normal wake up strategy with some MEOWMEOWMEOWMEOWMEOW and a good long stare at the staff’s face.

I was plotting my next move when all of the sudden, the staff grabbed me, pulled me on top of her chest, HUGGED me and then, UGH, KISSED me!

I tried to squirm free but she squeezed me tighter and kissed me again. ARRRRGH. I finally broke away from staff’s embrace and flew off the bed and downstairs while, presumably, she went back to sleep.

I stayed away for fear of another amorous staff attack and was forced to wait for my BREAKFAST until her non-furry alarm clock roused her.

Hrumph. She’s tricky, that one.

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