Romeo’s Biscuit Making Wake up Tactic

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Each morning when deciding how to rouse the staff, I am faced with this decision: will I be annoying or will I be adorable? Each tactic has its own merits.

Crime: Biscuit Making.
Plea: Guilty as Charged.

Today, however, I went with adorable. I made biscuits. Lots and lots of biscuits. Yes, you know “making biscuits,” that cute kneading thing we do that makes the staff melt? (Unless, of course, you are using your claws. Don’t do that. It negates the cuteness).

First I climbed on the staff’s thigh. Knead, knead. Purr.

Then, I moved up to her belly. Knead, knead. Purr.

Then, I moved up to her chest. Knead, knead, knead, purrrrr, purrrrrrr, purrrrrrrrr.

She sleepily opened up her eyes and instead of closing them again, she looked at me all sweet-like and said, “Good morning, cutie. You ready for BREAKFAST?”

She was putty  biscuit dough in my paws.

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