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Petfinder gear breaks the ice


Need an ice breaker and want to help adoptable pets at the same time? Just get yourself a Petfinder cap or sweatshirt and strangers will begin initiating conversations by saying something like, “I got my cat through Petfinder” or “Hey! Where did you get that.” If you’re a little shy, these encounters make the world a friendlier place and remind you that you belong to a special group of people — Petfinder people.

Mike in Petfinder cap

Mike sports his Petfinder cap.

I remember one encounter when I had been using the free wi-fi at a small public library in Colorado. As I left, the librarian who had assisted me noticed my cap and asked, “Do you work for Petfinder?” When I said yes, she said she wanted to start a rescue group. Then we began sharing stories about our pets. It was almost as if we were relatives, catching up on family stories.

A similar thing happened while I was on a plane trip. As I took my seat, the flight attendant came by. She noticed my cap and said, “I know Petfinder. That’s where I got my dog.” She began talking about her experience, and several nearby passengers overheard and joined the conversation, telling how they had adopted their pets after seeing them on Petfinder. We were just one big happy group.

Sometimes when I’m driving, people honk at me (and I don’t think I’ve cut them off or sat through a green light). I’m always relieved when they wave or give a thumbs up as they pass me and point at my bumper where there’s a Petfinder bumper sticker. It’s always a feel-good moment, a friendly connection with a stranger.

You can experience these feel-good moments, too, by getting your own Petfinder gear. (Our family members all have Petfinder t-shirts, and they have similar experiences.) It’s a great way to make new friends and spread the word about adoptable pets.

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