Lena Dunham adopts a dog!


We were thrilled to see Lena Dunham’s Instagram announcement  of her new adoption! She looks so happy and the pup is utterly adorable. That she used her celebrity power to encourage more adoptions by tagging the shelter was the cherry on the sundae of awesome.

Melissa is from the same shelter as Lamby and needs a home, too!

According to Vanity Fair, the quirky Girls writer and director was actually at the Brooklyn Animal Rescue Coalition completing her adoption when she learned about her Directors Guild nomination. Now that’s a big day! I don’t think I’ve ever had two similar-level happy events happen on the same day!

The twelve pound dog’s name is Lamby and Lena Dunham seems totally smitten. She even plans to bring him to the set of Girls! If he’s well-behaved, he might even make an adorable cameo or two, she told Vanity Fair. It sounds like this is one dog who has a great life ahead of him. Kudos to Lena for adopting!