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Happy Tail: French Bulldog Violet flowers


Three-year-old French Bulldog Violet had been abandoned at a vet’s office and ended up at Faithful Friends Animal Advocates in Neosho, MO. No one knew her full story when she came into rescue, but she was missing a front leg; it appears to have been amputated when she was very young. Her new caretakers had to wonder what chance a three-legged dog had for finding a forever home.

Violet's happy tail

Read three-legged Violet’s story  in Deborah’s own words.

Luckily, Deborah and Kenny Goff of Springdale, AR, felt they were up to the challenge. They were looking for a companion for their Boston Terrier, Lucky, who was lonesome after the death of their Sheltie, Betty.

After only 10 minutes on Petfinder, they saw Violet and were taken with the little dog. They called Faithful Friends and soon went to meet her at her foster home.

After the adoption, “she was just a shell of a dog,” Deborah says. “Her little eyes were almost vacant — I’m sure she was sad that she had left such a wonderful foster family.” But within a week, she had adjusted to her new home.

The missing leg hasn’t proved much of a handicap. “We have to take a few extra precautions,” Deborah says. “If we put Violet on the sofa with us, we make sure she doesn’t try to jump off. We also watch her food intake and try to keep her lean so that she can get around without so much stress on her remaining leg and to minimize the workload on her heart. ”

At first, the Goffs babied her, carrying her almost everywhere. But it was soon clear that she wanted to be just like any other dog. “We have one small step off our patio to the backyard,” Deborah says. “As we let her try to get outside on her own, she showed us she was up to the task. She often runs alongside Lucky when they are in the yard.”

Exercise is important for Violet, so the Goffs take her on short walks every morning. On longer walks, she rides in a stroller. “She is such a little diva, sitting up and purring at everyone that passes by,” Deborah says. She also connects with people in a special way and seems to know when someone needs a little extra comfort.

Violet, the little three-legged dog, has flowered in her forever home.

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