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Happy Tail: A Husky mix comforts his new “mom”


Storm, a Husky mix, was rescued as part of an animal raid that included a mother dog, puppies and other animals that were being neglected. The mixture of animals were fed and watered irregularly and had little contact with humans.Some of the puppies died, but Storm survived and was taken to Thumb Animal Shelter in Elkton, MI, where he was listed on Petfinder.

Storm Presley

Read Storm’s story in Sue’s words.

Meanwhile, in Bay City, MI, a woman named Anisa needed an extra special companion. She has ongoing health problems and copes with anxiety as she deals with them. When she saw the rescued pup on Petfinder, she knew they both needed someone who could provide companionship and unconditional love. She gathered her courage to make the long drive to Elkton to meet and then adopt him.

Sue Presley, Anisa’s mom, who lives half a mile away, says that Storm is now her daughter ‘s constant companion. “In the house, they are glued to each other. She is always in his sight.” He lies with his head in her lap on the couch or turns over for a belly rub.

“When he feels she needs to play,” Sue says, “he takes her blanket and runs through the house with it. If she retrieves it, he will do it all over again.”

Nights are the toughest for Anisa, but Storm is there to comfort her and help her through the dark hours. The coming of daylight helps, and Anisa takes him for walks, where he draws people to him, providing positive interactions for her.

When Storm was half-starved and neglected, no one would have suspected that the little pup would become a therapy dog, but that’s how it has turned out. Storm is helping chase away some of the clouds that shadow the life of his new “mom.”

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