Getting older

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I’ll be 43 next year (in dog years). That’s pretty old for a dog my size. It seems like only yesterday I was a tiny pup living in a cardboard box with my mom and all my brothers and sisters.

puppy on a bed

I feel like this puppy again!

Lately my people have noticed I’ve been having trouble keeping up with them during walks. I’ve also been struggling to get into bed and the car.

During my recent check-up my people asked the veterinarian what to do. The vet had some bad news, she told my people I’m starting to get “Arf-ritis”. This makes my hips and paws hurt.

Luckily the doctor was able to give my people some pills to help my arf-ritis. They make me feel like a  pup again and now I can go for walks and even jump into bed with my people at night.

If this sounds familiar tell your people to have you checked for arf-ritis.