All’s well that ends well for Jindo dog

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In August 2011, Noelle, a Jindo dog, bolted from a multiple car accident on I-95 in White Marsh, MD. The dog was the pet of the Reverend Lou Scurti, but was traveling home to New Jersey with Father Lou’s cousin, according to an article by Shelley Silwick , in the Baltimore Sun’s Explore Baltimore County site (brought to our attention on Facebook by Father Lou himself!)


A Jindo mix, Jewell, awaits adoption at All Star Pet Rescue in Linden, NJ.

Then the accident occurred, and Noelle fled the scene. Who knows how she traveled to New York City, but that’s where she was picked up on a city street by Animal Care & Control of NYC. From there she was transferred to Treasured K9s in New Jersey.

Father Lou asked for the help of people in the area of the accident to help find his dog, and many answered his plea. “Cindy Goldsmith in Maryland had been keeping an eye out for Noelle in the area where she had been lost,” writes Silwick, but then Cindy saw a post on Facebook of pets found in NYC. There was a dog that looked like Noelle, so although Cindy was skeptical that the dog lost in Maryland could have ended up in NYC, she posted it on Noelle’s Facebook page, setting things in motion for the reunion.

An amazing 17 months had passed, but Noelle is back with her dad. Cindy’s message to people with lost pets is to never give up looking. I want to add that many missing pets have been found by searching for the breed, gender and age of a pet on Petfinder. They often turn up at shelters quite a distance from the site where they were last seen.

This story also shows the importance of microchipping pets. Most animal welfare organizations check to see if  found pets are microchipped, and that information, if kept up to date through the HomeAgain National Pet Recovery Database , can help reunite people and their pets.  To learn more, check out our articles about why to microchip your pet, how microchips work and frequently asked questions about microchips.