Who says you can’t teach an old dog… to drive a new car?

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Meet Monty, Ginny and Porter.  According to Slate.com, Kiwi Rescue, located in New Zealand, is teaching them how to drive!  They’re situated in specially modified Countryman vehicles made by Mini.  Sweet rides!  The dogs are ready to show off their new found ability during a televised demonstration on a closed track.

black dog sitting

Delilah might not drive a car, but she is looking for a home!

This is really amazing and shows the level of intelligence of our best four-legged friends.  Kiwi Rescue is doing this to show that shelter dogs are quality dogs who can still learn new tricks.

I look forward to the day when dogs will help to share the driving with me.  You want to go to the park?  Okay, but you’re driving!