The royal couple needs to prepare their pup

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The world found out on Monday that there is a royal baby on the way — Princess Kate Middleton is pregnant! We’ll let other groups wonder about what happens if Kate has twins and what outfits she should wear, we’re thinking about Lupo!

Blonde Cocker Spaniel

Cody is a Cocker Spaniel who needs a home, even if it’s not a royal palace.

Lupo is the royal couple’s one-year-old black Cocker Spaniel on whom the couple seems to dote. Headlines were made in the Daily Mail in June when Prince William swept the pup into his arms for cuddles and kisses after a charity polo match. We loved the look of devotion on the prince’s face, but in light of this most recent news we were delighted to see photos of Princess Kate patiently showing a young child how to safely play with Lupo!

That wasn’t the only time Lupo showed his manners with kids. On an outing with the Scouts, Princess Kate brought Lupo into the woods where, according to People, she even allowed some of the kids to carefully hold his leash while they hiked!

We think it’s great that the royal couple has been exposing their dog to children from such a young age. It’s important to prepare a pup for a baby and we have a few suggestions of our own!

We hope that Princess Kate and Prince William watch our video about preparing for a new baby! We’re sure they at least have the space for their pup to have his own special place to retreat to when the noise of the baby is too much. We also love the idea of the royal couple taking a pram along on their walks with Lupo to help him get comfortable with the new equipment. We suspect the Queen, with her dog experience, might have a few tips, too, for helping her great-grandchild and great-grandpup get along well!