Seth Casteel’s camera helps save lives

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If you haven’t seen the images by photographer Seth Casteel, you are missing out.

Seth began photographing shelter animals in 2007. We know that pets with pictures listed on Petfinder get looked at 20 times more than pets without. What sometimes gets neglected, is that the quality of the image is just as important. Seth made it his mission to not only have pictures of pets listed while they’re looking for homes, but to really show the features and personality of an animal through his lens. He has some amazing before and after pictures here.

Newton was adopted thanks to his great pet photo!

Seth’s hard work and dedication to animals has paid off and lead to great success. Flash forward to 2012 and he has a New York Times Bestselling book called Underwater Dogs. If you’re looking for a gift for an animal lover in your life (including yourself), I highly recommend buying this wonderful book from an author so passionate about saving animals.

Seth also offers workshops to shelters around the country to teach them how to improve their pictures. I had the pleasure of seeing Seth speak at the 2012 No More Homeless Pets Conference, and I can tell you that his energy while presenting is contagious.

If you’re looking for more examples of great pet pictures, check out Petfinder’s Pinterest page. Here you’ll find pictures that have caught the eyes of Petfinder staff.  Also, check out our articles about how photography saves pets’ lives and how to get great photos of adoptable cats. Then head to your local rescue or shelter and take some photos!

Seth uses his passion for photography and saving animals to really make a difference. I encourage you to follow your passion to help create positive change as well. If we all work together, I know we can make a difference!