Romeo’s Holiday Wake up Tactic

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Me in front of the tree in question. Sans red shiny bulb. Oops.

So, the tree’s up. Oh, lovely Christmas tree. It’s SO FUN. I like to sit under it and look up at the lights and the shiny, dangly stuff on it. Sometimes I paw at it. When I’m bored.

Which is what happened this morning. I was just hanging out, thinking about BREAKFAST and how much work I would have to put into obtaining it today, when I spied a pretty red shiny globe. I looked at it and saw a funny looking cat staring back at me in my reflection. I pawed at the funny cat. He pawed at me. I pawed at him again. He pawed back! Suddenly, the orb fell off the tree and CRASH! I ran!

Apparently so did the female staff. She came running down the stairs to see what was going on. I tried to look innocent but she didn’t buy it.


I really don’t like getting in trouble but hey! BREAKFAST was served without much work….and I had a little fun along with it.

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