Romeo’s Holiday Wake up Shenanigans

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Could you resist? I doubt it.

Have you ever heard someone say the holidays are for kids? Well, they are wrong. The holidays are for kids…AND cats!

This time of year is full of interesting things to play with, explore and destroy. It’s Cat Heaven!

I’ve been watching the shopping bags pile up in the corner of the bedroom, waiting for someone to play with them. Well, today was my day.

I peeked into one of the bags but it didn’t look too interesting. But the larger bag did look intriguing, so I tried to climb into it. Whoops! The bag collapsed but made a lovely crunching sound!

Then, I climbed onto the dresser to determine if I could see more from that vantage point. Oh yeah! I shimmied down the dresser and into the bag….what fun! Tissue paper, crinkly stuff! Boxes! And, soft clothes to lay in. I rested for just a moment on a cozy sweater and then, like a mad man, attacked everything in the bag.

I was having so much fun that I didn’t even notice the staff sitting up in bed, laughing hysterically.

I stopped my craziness and hopped out of the bag (smushing it as I climbed out of course). Then, I sat on the floor and casually groomed my left paw.

What? Oh, it’s BREAKFAST time? Fabulous!

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