Romeo shares his wake up “tale”

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Sleeping staff were unaware of what was about to occur.

This morning, I used one of my most effective tools to get the staff up and at ‘em: my fluffy wuffy beoooo-ti-ful tail.

I began by sitting next to the female staff’s head and gently placing my tail in her face. She “pffted” and moved my tail off the pillow.

I used my super kitty skills to flick it back to where it was.

Then, she thought she was SO clever and she moved my tail and tucked it under her head to keep it in place (nice try, staff).

I flicked it back to where it was.

Finally she moved her entire head out of tail flick reach.

At this point I’d had about enough of her shenanigans. I stood up, moved closer to her and placed the entire tail, “tush to tip,” on her face.



Why does she ever think she can beat me?

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