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My cat quickly steals my chair


Homer has a way of figuring out how to get my attention when he wants it, no matter how busy I am. He will scratch at my legs as I work, so I pick him up and clip his nails. He loves having his nails trimmed because it means attention.

Doesn’t Homer look comfortable?

If I open a cabinet in the kitchen, he comes running with the hope that I will give him treats.

Even when I vacuum he will get in the way and actually sit on the vacuum if I leave it for a moment, even if it’s running! He wants what he wants when he wants it.

Recently, he has begun jumping in my chair when I get up. He learned quickly that I will pick him up so I can sit down, and usually place him in my lap where he can be pet and take a nap. After doing this a few times, I realized I’d created a monster. He even made a game of it, sitting up there and picking on the dog since he is now taller than him. It’s quite amusing. I have to say, even when I am really busy and trying to get a long list of tasks done, it always make me take a second to smile. So, I feed the beast and he gets a nice, warm spot on my lap. How quickly they learn.

Homer loves being taller than Bingo and having that upper hand.

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