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Happy Tail: Former puppy mill dog gets a home


Monty has a happy tail — really. Its curl is about the only evidence that he is part Pug. The rest of him is a wire-haired Brussels Griffon. But there’s that little Pug tail, and one of his adopted siblings, Curly, thinks its some kind of handle, according to Kathy Gerbasi, his new “mom.”

Brussels griffon dog

Read this story in Kathy’s own words.

The Lewiston, NY, woman already had three Petfinder rescue dogs, one of whom was the aforementioned Curly, but she thought that Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month was a good time to add a fourth. This former Kentucky puppy mill dog was listed on Petfinder by Buffalo Pug and Small Breed Rescue in Alden, NY, and Kathy saw him there.

This new addition to the family was a winner. Monty and Curly “are having a blast, running around and playing together,” Kathy says. “There is no TV show that is as amusing as watching them play. I really did not care for Monty’s name at first but after seeing him jump onto a kitchen chair, flip the chair over and land on top of the kitchen table just like it was no big deal, I think maybe someone named him for Monty Python’s Flying Circus, which makes sense, given his acrobatics and goofy nature.”

One thing’s for sure, his whole cute self is happy now.

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