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Happy Tail: Charlie is this family’s perfect pet


Alyssa Hoffman, Flemington, NJ, had stopped by a pet supply store for dog food and noticed some pet adoption signs outside. “The cashier mentioned that it was Home for Good Dog Rescue,” she says, “and that I should check out Petfinder and see if they had any dogs that I would be interested in, as he handed me a card.”

Charlie Hoffman

Read the story in Alyssa’s words.

The moment she got home, she logged onto Petfinder and saw a dog named Dusty. “I ran outside to my husband who was gardening and told him that I had found the perfect match and that I was going to contact [the rescue] immediately,” she says. Dusty had been brought to the Summit, NJ, rescue group from a Georgia open-admission shelter (one that may only be able to provide temporary refuge because of the quantity of strays and relinquished pets brought to its doors).

After going through the application process and being approved, Alyssa, her husband and their dog, Otto, went for a meet and greet. “Dusty and Otto hit it off immediately! It was like they were made for each other … They were sharing water five minutes into their meeting as if they had known each other forever.”

All this time, the Hoffmans had thought they were adopting a male dog because that’s how the rescue had listed Dusty on Petfinder. But at the meet and greet, Dusty rolled over submissively, and they discovered “he” was a “she.”

“All of us had a good laugh, but it never even entered my mind she was not the one for us,” Alyssa says.

They changed her name to Charlie to pay homage to the fact that they first thought she was a male, but her gender didn’t really matter to them; he or she, Charlie was perfect to them.


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